Cameraman and Editor Show Reel 2016

My name is George Hulley and I am a freelance video director, cameraman and editor – and this is my latest showreel. I hope you enjoy it.



Baileys Cocktail Recipes. The brief was to show the many interesting cocktail recipes that can be made with Baileys, in an engaging and informative way. To achieve this we used a Sony FS700 mounted on a slider, using slow-motion a motion in the shot to create engaging content.


A L'Oreal series of videos for ICON UK's YouTube channel, inwhich I was the director of photography and cameraman


In this series of online videos, I directed for John Lewis, they wanted to promote all their products related around different types of cooking for a seasonal output. The series featured journalist and food writer Lucy McDonald.


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George Baden-Hugh Hulley



Hello. My name’s George Hulley and I am currently a freelance self shooting director and editor. I specialise in directing online branded content and have many years experience working with clients to make the most engaging content that is possible. I’m an avid Arsenal supporter and I frequent the gym on a regular basis. I love to spend time with my friends at the weekend and enjoy everything that London has to offer. And I can't live without coffee.


I started out at Interlink Comms as a Junior Editor, where I learnt how to produce corporate videos. A year later I joined Videojug as an Editor’s Assistant. Here, I learnt how to manage my own work and other people’s media requests. After a year I went freelance as a cameraman. This allowed me to focus on developing my techncial skills. After a year travelling the world, I returned to Videojug, who offered me a job filming and editing online content. Since then I have moved up within the company working on brand work, and have continued to develop my directing skills with some of Videojug’s bigger clients. Now I have gone back to freelance to continue work in the corporate and online video world.


I’ve used Final Cut Pro for about 10 years, ever since I became interested in making my own films. Lately I’ve moved over to Adobe Creative Cloud, as it has better integrated software for an ever-changing workflow.


The industry standard has developed massively over the last 10 years – from tape to cards, and from standard definition to HD – so I’ve gained experience across a lot of types of cameras. The Sony EX and Canon XF series are my bread and butter, but now I am gaining experience in the higher-end cameras, including the Sony FS7 and Canon C300.